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Welcome to my Brain, Feel Free to Roam, I Caution Against the Amygdala Though.

Updated: Apr 4

I have done a fair amount of mental health advocacy work in my time; mostly performing speeches, and writing articles. There will never be change in society when it comes to mental health if people like me don’t speak up.

This blog will be about my experiences in day to day life, living like this, with 7 mental health community/professional supports around me. I aim to educate, reduce stigma, and help those also suffering find their voice. I won’t only discuss the dark and dreary parts. There will be good parts too because, for me, living with my brain wired a little different isn’t exactly a negative.

The Ewwie Formalities

My name is Ryan, I’m a transgender non-binary guy, 27 years old from Australia QLD. I have an array of mental illness: DID, cPTSD, BorderlinePD, Dysthymia, and Anxiety. I have had issues with my mental health since I was a child stemming from my upbringing and been in the mental health system since i was five, so I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve been inpatient and outpatient occasionally switching from one to another. Therapies I’ve had experience in is: Ego State Therapy, EMDR, ACT, CBT, DBT, and Schema.

List of  Trauma Experiences(Trigger warning)

I might go into more depth one day.

  1. Rape

  2. Emancipation

  3. DV

  4. Physical/verbal/sexual/emotional abuse

  5. Grief (death of my partner)

  6. Fostercare system

  7. Homelessness

  8. Self harm

  9. Suicide attempts

  10. DID

Now for the good bits

I am a Guitarist, Poet, Singer, Gamer, and Artist. I am a university student, currently doing a bridging course (as I had to drop out of high school due to life kicking my butt) to get into psychology as has been my dream since I was 10. I give professional speeches about mental health to all sorts of audiences to help educate and raise awareness. I started testosterone as apart of my transgender journey 3.5 years ago.

These days my mental health is a lot better. Now it is more, episodic instead of consistently bad. I’ll be high functioning for a bit, then I can be suddenly very low functioning for up to a month, switching between the two. The switches generally happen around trauma/trigger dates.

As I have mentioned, there will be good parts, and bad parts in this blog as a whole. I want to be honest, id like to share my insight with you, so that you may become a more educated person.

Ryan, Signing Off.

Next Time: I will be blogging about my transgender journey thus far. Click here to read!

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